StayTac™ is a patented innovation for installing Joy Carpets’ modular carpet without the use of wet adhesives, and little or no use of floor sealers, or primers. This high friction coating applied to the carpet tile backing prevents lateral movement of the tile while making it easy to lift and remove for replacement or underfloor access.

StayTac™ is environmentally superior, and manufactured with a bio-based component to substitute for petroleum based derivatives. StayTac™ is the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, modular carpet installation system available in the commercial market today.

StayTac™ is a superior solution compared to “peel and stick” systems and traditional wet adhesive systems:

  1. The lateral grip of StayTac™ assures the modular carpet stays in place, yet the vertical grip is such that a tile can be easily removed or replaced. The performance is exceptional with no movement under wheeled traffic or at transition points.
  2. There is no loss of tack of the adhesive over time.
  3. StayTac™ eliminates the need to spread wet adhesive on the floor.
  4. There is no drying time for adhesive required.
  5. Carpet is easier to remove over time, as it does not become permanently adhered to the floor, as is often the case with “peel and stick” methods or wet adhesive systems.
  6. No residue is left on the floor after StayTac™ is removed.
  7. Underfloor access is easy with StayTac™.
  8. Off-gassing and resultant VOC’s are non-detectable with StayTac™.
  9. Installation productivity is improved compared to traditional or “peel and stick” methods since this system requires no additional floor preparation or extra materials to handle.
  10. StayTac™ is more cost effective because there are no adhesive and little or no other chemicals to apply and no waiting time for these to dry.

For lower cost, faster installation, less waste, no chemicals required for floor preparation, and the lowest impact on indoor air quality, StayTac™ is the best choice compared to any other modular installation system in the market.